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  • Issue 18: 31 July 2020

    Latest Updates on Salford Council's response to the COVID-19 outbreak

    New rules on gatherings in Greater Manchester

    The Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced yesterday that new rules on social gatherings will be introduced in Northern England to stop the spread of COVID-19. These changes apply to Greater Manchester and areas in West Yorkshire and East Lancashire.

    This is in response to an increasing trend in the number of cases per 100,000 people in the area, and data from PHE and the JBC which suggests transmission among households is a key infection pathway in the area.

    It means people in these areas will not be permitted to mix with other households (apart from those in their support bubbles) in private homes or gardens.

    Some exemptions will be put in place, including for the vulnerable.

    The government will sign new regulations to make these changes legally enforceable. The regulations will give local authorities and police forces the powers to enforce these restrictions and more details on these will be set out when the regulations are published.

  • Labour calls for protection of rights of pregnant women affected by Covid-19
  • Shadow Chancellor condemns ‘Johnson’s jobs crisis’ as UK faces worst recession in Europe
  • Labour calls for more support for young people as new evidence reveals massive salary gaps outside London
  • Johnson risks ‘robbing a generation of their future’ over unfairness in exam system
  • Universal Credit hits 5.5 million: Government must reconsider its position on sanctions and conditionality
  • The Prime Minister’s Whitehall restructure expected to cost at least £50 million to the taxpayer
  • Government has made a colossal misjudgement on trade deals
  • Govt may end daily publication of Covid-19 deaths
  • 1 in 3 UK employers expect to make staff redundant
  • Angela Rayner calls for the Prime Minister to set the record straight on Dominic Cummings lockdown breach
  • Broken promises risk removing ‘vital support for victims of terror’
  • Boris Johnson’s failure to confront Cummings over Durham trip was monumental misjudgment
  • Conservatives consistently tried to privatise throughout this pandemic
  • 93% rise in households hit by benefit cap, pushing thousands of children into poverty
  • Case for spending watchdog to investigate Government’s mishandling of PPE contracts overwhelming
  • Developer’s Charter will see communities side-lined
  • Labour seeks urgent assurances over exams results
  • News that the Chancellor may increase business rates
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